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CAS 27465-51-6 4-Ethylpropiophenone 8619930505014
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Would you like to buy CAS 7465-51-6 4-Ethylpropiophenone with safe transportation ? cemo company is a professional manufacturer of 4-Ethylpropiophenone,There won't be any customs clearance problems.
4-Ethylpropiophenone manufacturer description : Qingdao cemo Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of 4-Ethylpropiophenone. It has a production space of 800 square meters. The monthly production of 4-Ethylpropiophenone is 20 tons. Sold all over the world, and are very satisfied with customers and keep buying. It is precisely because we have professional personnel in the production, sales and service of 4-Ethylpropiophenone, strictly control the quality, conscientiously take responsibility for customers, and improve after-sales service. Therefore, we export at least 200 tons of 4-Ethylpropiophenone per year.
4-Ethylpropiophenone salesman information:
Wickr Me: kathywang
WhatsApp / Wechat / Telegram:+8619930505014
company website:
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