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4-androsterone Powder Raw 4-DHEA Prohormone Powder
4-androsterone Powder Raw 4-DHEA Prohormone Powder

Product Name:4-androsterone
Appearance:White Powder
Dose:For beginners:4 to 6 weeks at 300-500 mg
For veteran users:6 to 8 weeks at 300-750 mg
Stack Info:1-Androsterone,Epi-Andro

The benefits when using 4-androsterone

1.Advanced delivery system to enable greater conversion to testosterone
2.Mild prohormone that is can be stacked with any other prohormone
3.Converts via 2 stages into testosterone
4.Strength and muscle mass increases
5.Faster recovery allows for greater training volumes
6.Supports a healthy libido

Prices of 4-Androsterone powder

$190/100 grams;
$120/ 50 grams;
$80/10 grams;

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